Cost of Poor Fluids Management

The cost of a container of fluid is only a minor portion of the cost of a poorly conceived and implement or non-existent fluids management program. In these cases, direct and indirect costs can be frightening.

Are your fluids:

Causing Parts Failures?

Over 80% of all hydraulic failures are caused by improper fluid condition ... AND those failures are all preventable!

Being Replaced Too Often?

Knowing when to replace your fluids is critical to optimizing reliability and profitability. An appropriate, cost-effective monitoring program will allow you to significantly increase your fluid life by changing fluids at the optimal time rather than at arbitrary intervals.

Shortening Machine Life?

Numerous independent studies document increased machine life with cleaner, dryer fluids. We can quantify your expected life increase by comparing current fluid condition to target conditions.

Reducing Product Quality?

Out of specification products are frequently caused by unmonitored, out-of-spec fluids. Scrap rates and rework can be greatly reduced with the Fluid Solution program.

Causing Environmental Concerns

Extended fluid life and environmentally friendly filter element design will substantially reduce your company's fluid related footprint (ISO 14001).